September 18, 2012

‘Safe House’ in immigration 2013 Budget

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A safe house will be in the Ministry of National Security and Immigration budget proposal for 2013.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Jale Fotofili confirmed to the Fiji Sun that they have found a piece of land in Nadi, however, the proposal for the newly- constructed building will be submitted to the Cabinet at this year’s budget proposal for next year.

This will cater for illegal immigrants and overstayers.

Mr Fotofili had earlier said the shelter would be under tight security, but, those detained would still have their rights and freedom.

“This is another step up from remand or detention centres,” Mr Fotofili said.

Those in the safe house would be there until their travel to their destinations were finalised.

“They would be allowed to walk freely in the compound but are not going to be released to come outside and will be in a very friendly environment.”

While in the safe house, Mr Fotofili said the detainees would be allowed to make telephone calls to their homes.

The safe house is one of the ministry’s projects this year.

Currently, he said they were liaising with the Ministry of Lands to acquire a piece of land near to the Nadi International Airport.

Mr Fotofili said if the CAAF agreed then they would renovate the house to the standards of a safe house.

The safe house is another project that confirms the Government’s commitment in raising the standards of services provided by the Fiji Corrections Service (FCS).

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