September 21, 2012


Wow. Can I get a LMAO in here? What an appalling public apology to the bereaved family.

Ministry of Information
Sep 21|00:20 am

The Fijian Government extends its deepest sympathy to Clarissa Seeto and her family for the tragic death of their father. No Fijian who hears her story can fail to be moved by her family's pain.

We are communicating with the people who came into contact with the Seeto family to find out exactly what happened.

The loss of a loved one and particularly during travel is traumatic. We are truly sorry for what the family has had to go through.

Most of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Fiji each year have positive experiences and the Fijian people are generally renowned for their empathy, willingness to assist, and their hospitality.

Ms Elizabeth Powell
Permanent Secretary

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Puf-Military said...

Pathetic response by an incompetent "PS". So shameful