September 13, 2012

More garment workers losing jobs

13:47 Today (13 September 2012)
Report by: Masimeke Latianara

More and more garment workers are without jobs.

This comes as garment companies are taking their businesses to places like Cambodia and Vietnam – where the wages are much lower than in Fiji.

This was revealed by Labour Minister Jone Usamate.

Usamate says at one time – there were 18,000 garment workers in the country.

Now – there are just 4,000 workers.

Usamate says wages for garment workers in Fiji are much higher compared to the cheap labor the companies get in other countries.

He says this is normal in the business world where the bottom line is the profit matters most.

Usamate told FBC News – garment factories that chose to remain in Fiji should engage in something different – that will earn them the much needed profit.

An example he says – is making clothes for a higher class market like Australia and the United States.

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