September 11, 2012

Don't be misled

Maciu Malo
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ITAUKEI people have been urged not to believe rumours that the new constitution will take away their rights or things they hold dear to their hearts.

Constitution Commission member Professor Satendra Nandan said the iTaukei people should submit all the things they want to be put into the draft of the new constitution.

"We are listening very carefully to individual voices as well as the voices of the community they represent," he said.

"We have certain principles which the constitution will be based on and if anybody objects to those principles and values, they should say that in their submissions.

"But we really haven't heard anything significant which challenges those principles. Generally, there is general acceptability of these as they are international standards.

"My own feeling is don't believe in rumours. People often do that for their own benefit, using people. We should no longer tolerate that kind of exploitation.

"We should no longer tolerate intolerance or tolerate false prophets, we should believe genuinely and see what is there when it comes out."

Prof Nandan said Fiji could not live in isolation because it was part of the international community.

"Our children, we, come and go. I think one should not believe in rumours, I think one should wait and see what the constitution finally gives in its draft.

"The draft constitution will be given back to the people to have their comments and then it goes to the Constituent Assembly which will be made up of the people who represent various communities, not just the political parties but various level of the community, villages, settlements, districts and religious people, social institutions, women and youth groups."

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