September 26, 2012

Heavy rain causes flooding in Lautoka

07:28 Today (26 September 2012)
Report by: Devendra Narayan

Heavy rain in the western division has seen a number of houses in Lautoka already under water.

Lovu Seaside resident Veena Chand says they’ve been experiencing heavy rain from as early as 3 this morning.

The sudden change in weather has resulted in the flood.

“The rain started at around 3 this morning and we tried our best to save the chickens and other stuffs, in our area around 15 houses are under water and also we can see that the areas close by more than 30 houses are under water.”

Meanwhile the Motto Bridge in Ba is under 3 feet water.

This was confirmed to FBC News by Ba resident Viam Pillay.

We spoke to the Nadi Weather Office who says a statement will be released soon.

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