September 18, 2012

Misplaced files a concern

September 18, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News Posted by: newsroom

Files misplaced in the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources is a concern, says the Acting Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Tevita Boseiwaqa.

“Files are not missing but rather misplaced in the ministry which is a concern now,” Mr Boseiwaqa said.

Mr Boseiwaqa reasoned that their offices were decentralised in Suva.

“We have our surveyors at Raojibhai Patel Street, some are located at the Red Cross building, our valuation Division is located at Civic House. The draughting section which used to be at Government Building has been relocated to Raojibhai Patel Street, so these are some of the challenges that we are trying to overcome as we move on,” Mr Boseiwaqa said.

When asked on measures to counter the movements of files, Mr Boseiwaqa said they were moving into IT intervention developing a database for all files.

“We have started developing the online lease application database and we are now moving into developing a complaints database to keep track on all complains received by the Ministry.”

Mr Boseiwaqa said they were also working on improving the image of the ministry by improving its performance in terms of achieving their core functions and quick delivery of quality service.

This he said would be achieved through the review of the ministry’s administrative structure.

We want to ensure that we get the right people who are committed to do the work and we are also looking at our operational processes ensuring that it is effective and meeting the expectation of those we serve.”
He said they would continue to strengthen the monitoring of state land leases to ensure systematic approach in the collection of state land rental.

The Acting Permanent Secretary said other things were in the pipeline like reviewing the lease rental because some of the leases/state lands were undervalued.

He said the complaints data base would ensure effective communication of issues/matters needed by their customers both external and internal.

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