March 29, 2013

Fiji Dairy clarifies milk issue

13:09 Wed Mar 27, 2013
Report by: Dev Narayan

Fiji Dairy has acknowledged that there have been some issues with fat separation in some packets of Rewa Life Milk.

Marketing Manager Nathan Hildrebrand says they have already replaced packets that they knew had this issue and have supplied replacement stocks to consumers.

Nathan Hildrebrand says some stock may still exist and the company is addressing each case as it arises.

To ensure that fat separation is minimized, Fiji Dairy has improved efficiency and delivery to ensure only the freshest stocks are delivered to customers.

Hildrebrand says the homogenization process ensures that the fat is broken down and is unable to re-attach and therefore minimizes the chance for any lumps to form.

The machine at FDL is quite old and no longer capable of ensuring adequate pressure to sufficiently break down the fat.

He says this is why they are now getting a new machine fabricated in Sweden at a cost of over $300,000.

Once complete, it will be air-freighted, again a massive investment, to ensure the separation issue does not continue.

Further on the company says that fat separation is a naturally-occurring process in fresh milk and that Rewa Life UHT is still perfectly safe to drink.

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