March 30, 2013

New Cane quality system

08:18 Today (March 30, 2013)
Report by: Christopher Chand

A new cane quality system will be trialed this year and farmers are being made aware of this through the various meetings being held around the western division.

FSC Executive Chair Abdul Khan says the cane quality system will run parallel to the tonnage system which has been in place for years.

He says by testing it out this year they can iron out any weaknesses they find in the cane quality process.

“What we looking at this year is having the system installed and we’ll run both the tonnage as well as the quality system in parallel. Mainly if there are any teething issues or any chinks in the system we want to get that tided up this seasons so next season there won’t be a tonnage system it will be a total cane quality system so when we go into that system we know we have wound up all the bugs.”

This means that farmers will be paid on the quality of cane from next year and not on the amount of cane they deliver.

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