March 12, 2013

Officers sacked

Publish date/time: 12/03/2013 [08:12]

Some Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service officers have been sacked as a result of the recent video footage released on many internet websites as police investigations continue.

Fijivillage has received information that at least three officers were discharged from their duties late last week.

We are still trying to get more details on this and stay with us as we will have more later today.

However Corrections Service spokesperson, Ana Tamani confirmed some people have been sacked.

With regards to the September 2012 breakout from Naboro and whether officers involved have been taken to task, Tamani said this is an internal matter.

Commissioner, Lt Colonel Ifereimi Vasu had earlier said that two officers were dishonorably discharged in the outcome of the investigation of five escapees from the Naboro Medium Facility in September.

Lt Colonel Vasu said their tribunal had found it was negligence on the part of the officers that led to their escape.

He added normal operations procedures were not followed that led to the five prisoners escaping from Naboro last year.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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