March 12, 2013

Former officer cries foul over mistaken identity

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A FORMER police officer is worried about the safety of his family because of mistaken identity.
Amani Bosenawai said he was wrongly identified in the social media as being in the group that brutally assaulted two men shown on video footage posted on the internet.
Amani Bosenawai after an interview at The Fiji Times office in Suva. 
Mr Bosenawai was terminated from the Fiji Police Force on June 8 last year over allegations of stealing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station.
While his case is pending in court, his name and batch number have been posted on the internet and he is being identified as one of the assailants.
"I was in the police Strike Back team when I was in the force and I have nothing to do with the assault of the two men shown on the video footage," he said.
"The name and batch number shown on internet posts are mine but the photograph is of someone else.
"But I am getting calls from my relatives living overseas and other people asking me about my role in the assault when in fact I wasn't in the police force at that time."
Mr Bosenawai, who is a farmer in Naluwai, Naitasiri now, said he was not worried about himself but about the safety of his family.
He has two children, one of whom attends high school while the other is in primary school.
"This thing is also affecting my children and I'm asking those posting such things to get their facts right and wait for the police investigations in the matter to finish," he said.
Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri preferred not to comment on the matter when contacted last night.

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