March 27, 2013

Woman gets 18yrs for being in possession of cocaine

Publish date/time: 26/03/2013 [07:11]

A woman will be spending 18 years behind bars after she was found guilty of possession of 1990.4 grams cocaine.

According to Lautoka High Court Judge Justice Sitabaram Pillai Thurairaja, Police Drug Unit received information that Roshni Lata was dealing with drugs which she kept at her ex-maid's house.

The maid who gave evidence in court said that Lata sent those parcels along with other items on a bus under the maid's name.

The High Court Judge said that if a person murder another person, it will cause the loss of life, the family and few others will suffer but when drugs are sent among the societies, there is a large number of people especially youths who are destroyed.

In mitigation she said she is willing to pay a $10,000 fine instead of a custodial sentence and that she had a daughter who is an asthmatic patient.

A non parole period of 16 years has been imposed on her.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

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