March 11, 2013

Former NZ Foreign minister wants harsher treatment of Fiji military

Updated 7 March 2013, 18:27 AEST

The leader of another opposition party in New Zealand, Winston Peters of New Zealand First, says he intends to vote for Mr Goff's motion.

The former New Zealand foreign minister says the relaxation of the Australian and New Zealand sanctions against members of the Fiji interim government has been a mistake.

He wants the Fiji military to lose its access to lucrative United Nations peacekeeping duties, and for the British Army to stop hiring Fijian soldiers.

Winston Peters tells Bruce Hill the New Zealand parliament is strongly united about Fiji.

We contacted the Fiji government for comment on this story, but have not received a reply.

Presenter: Bruce Hill.

Speaker: New Zealand First Party leader and former New Zealand foreign minister, Winston Peters

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