February 24, 2010

Proof Of the Empty Kitty - No Money; Paisa Nahi Hai; Sa Sega Nai Lavo

Fiji TV's leading news item for the 6 o'clock news last night was of Fiji's "kerekere" or loan request to the International Monetary Fund,  for the sum of $1 billion in which to "meet  balance of payments and pay for reforms".

According to Pita Wise, the Permanent Secretary for National Planning and a Bainimarama stooge pushing their treasonous Charter agenda:

(@ 1:58 mark):
"At this time if you look at our balance of payment errrrrrr our foreign reserve is over, about, over a billion dollar -- that is over 3 and a half months imports but we, you know we errrrrr, you know as we gone through the crisis -- we just gone through the financial and economic crisis worldwide, so we just think government wants to make sure that urrrrr that the environment and that it protects its errrrrrrrr, you know its errrrrrr, its uh, its uh position in terms of balance of payment and debt and all those uhh arrangements eh?"
Wise then goes on to make the case for the additional funds required for government reforms:
(@ 2:40 mark:)
"If you're going to reduce the civil service -- I'm just using an example -- if we're going to reduce the civil service, there will be some cost to it so this fund, this standby arrangement errrrrrrr facility will provide the government those types of resources to be able to undertake those reforms".
(@ 3:06 mark):
"The challenge for us is the conditions to these facilities eh? that i said we must undertake uhh certain actions like uhhh reform, like what government is doing now, undertaking a public service uhhhh reform, the privatisation of uhhhh, of government entities to make them more, uhhhhm, more profitable -- so there's always a cost to these. So these kind of facilities will provide the support to allow you to undertake these reform programmes. "
Check the proof out for yourself on youtube:


Ameni said...

what the hell ? Like the IMF's going to accept that as a feasible explanation .... wooooooiiiiilei !

Anonymous said...

I can't possibly follow what Pita Wise is saying...what the heck was he saying??...he seems to be jumping from here to there with what he was trying to say.

Ae eve...was he speaking in English or some other military regime language?