July 02, 2011

Civil Service redundancies commence

As we foresaw in March, while the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama lives it up with his family to watch netball in Singapore, almost 100 cleaning staff at the CWM hospital have been left in the lurch and will be without jobs. 

It appears that this is the beginning of a wider redundancy sweep within the civil service.
97 cleaning staff at CWM made redundant
Publish date/time: 02/07/2011 [10:28]

Ninety-seven cleaning service staff of the CWM hospital have been made redundant.

This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Peni Namotu who said a new Health Housekeeping Services Co-operative has come on board to provide cleaning services at the CWM.

Namotu said while some employers have joined the new housekeeping company, all 97 staff have been given redundancy packages as part of the outsourcing.

A memorandum of agreement was signed between Ministry of Health and the cleaning services company last week.

Story by: Praneeta Deo

Now we know why Major Ned Taito was wrongly put there.

It would not be surprising at all if this new cleaning service company is found to have links to the military regime's security firm Homelink which already has "secured" contracts with Fiji Water, the State Pharmacy, (possibly) the airports, and even the FNPF.

If that's not enough, while Bainimarama enjoys his family reunion on taxpayers funds, he also leaves behind the issue of the massive amount owing to Qantas; an open-ended stand-off with irate pensioners on proposed reforms to the monopolistic superannuation fund FNPF; the continuous f*ck-ups drama's within the sugar industry and now a spat within the telecommunications sector.

On the recent telecommunications row, the Commerce Commission chair, the illegal and treasonous Dr Mahendra Reddy, calls out FINTEL as being naughty. What he conveniently fails to mention is that both Telecom Fiji and FINTEL are owned by the people of Fiji -- and that this is just the tip of the iceberg with the illegal and treasonous military regimes growing inability to manage the servicing of their equally growing debts.

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