September 26, 2012

West floods bring back haunting memories

13:04 Today (26 September 2012)
Report by: Christopher Chand

Memories of the devastating floods earlier this year in the western division came back to haunt residents in flood prone areas of Ba and Lautoka today as heavy rains left most communities under water.

Some families were forced to quickly move their livestock and belongings to higher ground.

FBC journalist Christopher Chand is in Ba and filed this report:

“Heavy rain has flooded areas in ba and Lautoka. We can confirm that certain irish crossings and bridges are under water.

Although rain has eased, residents fear that more rain will bring in more flood.

It is estimated that the Moto Bridge is under three metres of water. Heavy machinery has been brought in to clear the debris.

Water sup[ply has been disrupted because of broken pipes."

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