March 15, 2013

Rabi backs PM

March 14, 2013

The people of Rabi have offered their total support to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government.

And they have urged the Prime Minister to contest the general elections in 2014.

Speaking to the Fiji Sun at Nuku Village on Rabi Island yesterday the chairman of the Rabi Council of Leaders (RCL), Dr Paulo Vanualailai said – “We are definitely supporting the government of the day and if they stand for election they’ll surely get our votes.”

He said no other government from the previous years has ever taken Rabi seriously like today’s government.

“There is no two ways about it, we will vote for the Prime Minister.”

The RCL chairman said past governments had always left Rabi aside, but not with this government.

“Under this Government, with the able leadership of the Prime Minister, we are able to get ourselves connected to the rest of the county.”

Dr Vanualailai said the three main projects commissioned by the Prime Minister in Rabi yesterday, was enough evidence for them to believe that this Government would carry Fiji forward.

“We waited patiently for the PM’s visit and the projects to be completed, the Commissioner Northern’s office have kept looking up on this project making sure that all is completed, they have worked tirelessly to see that the resources on the island are utilised.”

He said the Prime Minister had reached down to the grassroots people and they were happy to see that his promise to the people had been fulfilled.

Head of the elders on the island Teri Bati said on behalf of the people they were very grateful for the Prime Minister’s visit the island yesterday. “We are very happy to see him come and mingle amongst us and see that our standard of living improves.

“The people of Rabi wish the Government the very best for the future and hope to see them in Rabi again.”

Addressing the people of Rabi yesterday the Prime Minister again stressed that Government’s most important task is not just to promise better access to electricity, clean water, roads and Government services but to provide them.

The Prime Minister said people had been saying to him in various parts of Fiji: “Why have elections at all next year? We’re happy with things the way they are”. This, he said, was in recognition of the hard work the Government is putting into service delivery. “Our programme is on track. We know where we’re heading and it’s towards building a better Fiji for everyone.”

The Prime Minister’s tour continues is today in Taveuni today.

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Anonymous said...

Of-course the people of Rabi would support the government of the day. afterall seeing the many people who have come in and out of the Banaban community and reaping them off their phosphate.. which government in Fiji has ever looked at and cared for the welfare of the Rabi people?