June 22, 2013

Major restructuring expected at Fiji TV

Publish date/time: 21/06/2013 [17:05]

Major restructuring is expected to take place at Fiji Television Limited.

Chairman Padam Lala said the restructuring will take place within the management level but they first need to have a plan.

Lala said this will be the first stage of the restructuring process.

Lala said the restructuring cannot be done overnight as they need to have consultations.

He also said the restructuring will not affect the current workers at Fiji TV.

Padam Lala also said the management is dealing with the recent resignation of Fiji TV Sports Leader, Satish Narain and he denies the board had anything to do with it. 

We asked Fiji TV CEO Tarun Patel and he said employment matters within Fiji TV are confidential.

Satish Narain has refused to comment on the issue.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

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