June 26, 2013

Solomon Islands doctor’s to work in Fiji

13:30 Today (June 26, 2013)
Report by: Roland Koroi

Talks are now underway to get in medical professionals from the Solomon Islands.

This was told to FBC News by Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo and confirmed by Fiji’s Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma.

The Solomon Islands is a beneficiary of Cuban medical aid and in addition to this, the Republic of Cuba have provided scholarships for Solomon Islanders to study medicine in Cuba for free.

According to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, it’s these graduates that could soon be working in Fiji.

I’ve received a request from the Fiji government for us to at least make some of our newly graduated doctor’s from Cuba to come over for community health and all that and we will! We will make those people available.

The acquiring of medical professionals from the Solomon Islands is part of the skills mobility scheme agreed to by MSG leaders.

Liberalisation of services is an important thing. It’s all about the movement of skills, and ensuring that we share the skill and bring up a more prosperous development in the region.

Health Minister Doctor Neil Sharma has confirmed to FBC News that the request was made and talks are on-going.

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