June 27, 2013

Please don't go dad

Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, June 27, 2013

SIX-year-old Eseta Tatalau clung to her father asking him not to go.
"Kerekere Ta, kua ni lako (please dad, don't go)," she cried.
Her father Private Ulaiasi Radio is among military and medical personnel bound for the Golan Heights who held their last military parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva yesterday.
Little Eseta was crying while her mother Maraia Radio explained to her that her father would be home soon.
It was an emotional occasion when families stood around the drill square, braving the rain to see their loved ones for the last time before they left last night.
Private Radio said it was hard seeing his family in tears.
"Although I have been to the Middle East for peacekeeping mission, this one was a bit different just from how we have been farewelled whole of this week," he said.
"I am confident that we will do our job well despite the many challenges we will face."
For Private Benjamin Delaimatuku, 32, he said all they needed was the nation's prayer.
The Macuata man said he was "scared and worried about the task ahead because of the civil unrest and situation in Golan".
"I have been searching on the internet and reading the newspaper about the situation there since I was told that I will be part of the troop that will be deployed there," Private Delaimatuku said.
"The only thing that came to my mind is we need God's protection and prayers from our families back home."
The father of one shook hands with his colleagues and friends as he boarded the bus.

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