June 06, 2013

Shazzer and Grubby: Frankly Bananas stars in The Dumb Dictator's Rage

Darling Grubby, 

I need to give you a heads up on an embarrassing situation.

It appears the Pro-Democracy Movement managed to hide a camera in the Glorious Leader’s Bunker, the Banana Skin. They have released a video of him losing his temper with the True Leader, DUMB aiyASS members of the Military Council. 

They were having a private meeting. I was in the room to begin with but was asked to leave along with all the junior staff, but we could still hear most of what was said because he was shouting.  They warned him that the lack of protection in the Daft Constifusion was concerning members of the RFMF and they may well withdraw their support of the Commander.

We must stop this video from getting out as it could be very damaging to all. We need all your Corevice black arts team to suppress this video. As you will see in the video Frankly Bananas is not impressed with us. In fact he made me cry and I was not even n the same room. HRH Madame Nazihat Von ShameOndtMe tried to comfort me. I don’t think she meant it, she keeps trying to get me to leave the country because she wants Frankly’s Banana all to herself. 

I have attached a copy. Under NO circumstances can you share it with anyone. Just click on your Grubby face and it will play.

Grubby come back to me in the hour with your action plan on how we will defeat this video. 

We will both need a few bottles of red by the end of today. I am buying. I will see you at the Holiday Inn. Are you still in room 439?

Hugs and Kisses


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