June 07, 2013

Over 100 complaints on leases not being equally distributed

Publish date/time: 07/06/2013 [13:29]

At least 100 complaints have been received by the i-Taukei Land Trust Board regarding land leases not being equally distributed amongst mataqali members.

This has been revealed by TLTB General Manager Alipate Qetaki today.

Qetaki said the equal distribution policy was setup by Government in 2010 which has seen a number of people lodging their complaints to the Ministry.

According to Qetaki now they have setup a Deed of Trust to enable the equal distribution of leases to the members of the mataqali.

Qetaki said at the end of February this year, TLTB recorded 4,594 Landowning Units out of which only 2,326 have formalized their Deed of Trust arrangements and opened their Trust banks accounts.

He added the distribution is also done in to levels.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

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