June 07, 2013

Register employees, FNPF tells NGOs

May 31, 2013 04:58:34 PM

Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) has urged all Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to register their employees as members with them.  

And the Fund says it will monitor all NGOs to ensure that they comply with the FNPF laws including the timely payments of their employees’ monthly contributions. 

FNPF chief executive Aisake Taito said they have received complaints from employees of some NGOs in regards to the non-payment of their FNPF contributions. 

“We have also been informed that some NGOs do not provide their employees with pay-slips thus denying these workers from verifying their FNPF deductions,” he said. 

Taito said FNPF inspectors will visit all NGOs in the next few weeks to ascertain their workers’ FNPF status. 

“It is only proper that we do this to ensure that workers get what they are due. The FNPF is here to secure our members’ interest, and it is in their interest to have their contributions paid monthly to allow their funds to grow and earn interest.” 

He has also reminded NGOs not to victimize their workers for enquiring about their pay slips and FNPF contributions. “It is illegal to harass or terminate an employee who enquires about his FNPF contributions.” 

“The employees have the right to have their contributions paid on a monthly basis, as this is mandated by law.” 

“They also have the right to enquire about deductions and ascertain whether this has been paid to Fund. Accordingly, they can lodge complaints if they find any discrepancies.” 

He added that FNPF stands ready to protect its members from employers who victimize or harass them for questioning unpaid and/or late contributions. 

“Any Employer found to victimize their workers for this reason will be prosecuted with penalties ranging from hefty fines and even imprisonment,” Mr Taito said. 

The FNPF Decree empowers the Fund to protect its members from victimization.

“For too long, our members have feared questioning or complaining about their contributions and as a result, suffered financial loss on their hard earned savings.” 

By Reginald Chandar 

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