June 07, 2013

Retire, Fiji wants change: Caine

June 7, 2013

He is known for making outrageous remarks – from his days in Parliament and even today.
But that’s Fred Caine – a political strategist like no other.
Now a community worker, he faithfully serves as the Fiji Police Force community chief for the Southern Division.  He proudly says that the Duavata Community Policing model has helped reduce the crime rate.
Mr Caine says he is the only surviving member of the initial General Electors Association (GEA) who served under the Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara Government.
In 1977 he won in the two elections held that year.
“I thrashed my opponents running for the General Western seat.”
In the 1980’s and later in 2006 he’s helped politicians win seats in constituencies from the Rewa Delta, to Suva and even the highly contested seats in the West.
But for next year, he will not be offering his ‘political strategist service’ to any political party.
“Until the day I die, I just want to be here serving the people through community policing,” he said.
Here are Mr Caines thoughts and views looking ahead to the 2014 elections:
To the voter:
“Select the people who will work for you.  Who will listen to you.  That is the will of the people that determines the next government.
“People want new leaders who are focused on the truth, who believe in development and welfare of the people.”
To Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama:
“He has to resign, step down as Prime Minister and be fair and play the same game. I’ve always said I will support him because I want to see change.
“People are waiting for Commodore Bainimarama to announce his political party, and a lot of people will follow him.”
Mr Caine said Commodore Bainimarama has proven some good things in his Government but he might have to change his team.
“A lot of them might have to go and he might have to put up a community team where it’s amalgamated, a partnership.
“To go into the general election, he has to bring the community in with him.  To be community orientated, so his policies must be decided by his high council.
“He will have a lot of opposition, it will not be smooth sailing for him to win the elections, I can assure you that,  I’ve been listening to the underground, I have my eyes and ears open,” Mr Caine said.
To long time politicians:
“I say to the people who have been there for a long like Mick Beddoes, it’s time to retire.
“Its time to go home and look after your grandchildren.  Let the young team come in and take over -  we need that change.
“We need more women in parliament. They can be the check and balance of mans performance. This is what people want to see.
“All of them, Chaudhry and all of them, they need to go home and look after their wonderful grandchildren.   Is that a sin? No! I can’t see them coming back.
“People are tired of the same leaders. They want to see a change, and what have we got to loose with change. We will gain with a change.
“New leaders need to step up and come forward.”
To Party Leaders:
Ro Teimumu Kepa (Social Democratic Liberal Party)
“Ro Teimumu is a good friend of mine but can she show me signs that she’s developed the Rewa province?  If she had that to show, people would have faith in her.
“Sakeasi Butadroka during his time said Rewa, Namosi and Serua are three of the poorest provinces in Fiji.
“And they haven’t gone any richer, except for Namosi who might strike copper soon.”
Mahendra Chaudhry (Fiji Labour Party)
“We have worked together for many years, I like the person but my advice, retire!
“He has exhausted himself in politics and the best thing is get a new leader.
“He is still my friend, I have nothing against him, but my advice to him, retire – go and look after your grand children.”
Raman Singh (National Federation Party)
“From their history they will make a good opposition.
“They are young, they have a lot to learn in leadership.”
Adi Sivia Qoro (People’s Democratic Party)
“The alternative woman leader, they can form a coalition government or a government  of national unity.  She’s got a very qualified team.”
To civil servants:
“ Civil servants should also, keep right out of politics because their real job is to serve the people’s needs.
“Permanent Secretaries and civil servants alike should learn to be neutral and not take part in any politics leading up to September 2014.”
To aspiring politicians:
You need to be honest.  Can you be trusted?  Be a good servant and serve the people 7 days a week.”
Last words:
“Listening to people around the country, they want change.
“They are tired of the old politicians – it’s like an old gramophone record, if you play it every day for 365 days a year you go crazy, eh?
“ So that gramophone record will have to be put away and bring on a CD where you can change it.”
Fred Caine, Fiji Police Force Community Chief for the Southern Division.


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