July 19, 2013

Commerce Commission can't decide: AG

13:21 Thu Jul 18, 2013

Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Shanal Sivan
Acting Fijian Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, told FBC News says the Commerce Commission doesn’t have the legal authority to deliberate on the complaint by the now suspended Fiji Labour Party.
The FLP had earlier written to the commission on the high fees for the publication of its assets and liabilities in the Fiji Sun.
“The question of whether the commerce commission has jurisdiction over this particular issue, whether they have the legal ability to make a determination regarding it. It does not, and the commerce commission has already written to the Labour Party saying it does not have that legal authority to make a determination, but none the less they have in-fact gone ahead and compared the rates that was charged by the Fiji Sun in respect to their advertisement and they also found the fact the rates that Fiji Sun charge were cheaper.”
The suspended Fiji Labour Party was required to pay about six thousand three hundred dollars to the Registrar’s office by July 15th.
“The fact is that the registrar of political parties has obviously taken the decision for the suspension for the Fiji Labour Party on the basis that there was non-compliance to the actual law in place. Should the Political Party in question remedy the breach then obviously they can again operate as a political party and they are given sixty days to remedy their breach.”
A representative of the suspended Fiji Labour Party Surendra Lal, yesterday told FBC News that arrangements are being made to pay the Registrar of Political Parties.

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