July 25, 2013

Group talks road safety

Luke Rawalai
Thursday, July 25, 2013

THE Chinese Railway First Group company is carrying out awareness on their safety culture to communities along the Nabouwalu-Dreketi corridor.

Company occupational and health safety officer Julian Daveta said the awareness program covered schools, villages and other settlements between Dreketi and Nabouwalu.

"We are conducting awareness on road safety involving visits to schools and teaching children to be safe road users by developing their knowledge and understanding of road construction sites," Mr Daveta said.

"Since these villagers and children will be passing through the construction sites when travelling through that road, the awareness program is targeted at road users behavioural skills while at the construction sites and making them aware of their responsibilities to ensure their safety.

"It will also ensure that people have a responsible attitude toward their own safety and the safety of others who are working at the site."

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