July 23, 2013

Nadi River Diversion plans underway

07:03 Today (23 July 2013)

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Christopher Chand
Planning work on diverting the Nadi river is expected to start before December this year.
A canal will divert the river from Saunaka to Wailoaloa beach in order to reduce the impact of future floods.
The Japanese government has already committed three hundred million dollars for the project.
Experts from Japan and local authorities yesterday visited the spot where a shortcut will be created, weaving about 37 kilometres from Saunaka village to the Wailoaloa beach.
Nadi Special Administrator Robin Ali says this solution will be a huge relief to the people of Nadi
“I can say that it’s going to bring a lot of relief to the Nadi people. Flooding we don’t know what is the extent of rainfall but this cutoff channel is going to take the bulk of the water to the other side so obviously the level of water would be much, much less compared to the last floods.”
Ali confirms some of the 300 million dollars from Japan will be used to compensate home owners whose properties will be used for the channel as well as infrastructure that will have to be dug up.
Its taken more than a decade to get the project started the next three years will see further studies carried out before the actual diversion begins in 2016.

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