July 18, 2013

Constitution to be finalised by next month: AG

07:06 Today (July 18, 2013)

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Report by: Shanal Sivan
Acting Fijian Prime Minister and Attorney General has confirmed to FBC News, that the constitution will be finalised by next month.
He says the constitution will be available in three languages, English Hindi and i-tuakei.
“As we said we have given some time frames, for the constitution to be completed, and the main part is that we also getting it completed or translated in the vernacular languages. The Bainimarama government believes that the constitution needs to be made available in the vernacular. So everybody has a good understanding and they don’t necessarily get misled.”
Sayed-Khaiyum says the public will be able to review the document in the next few weeks.
“We would like the public have access to the constitution, in the vernacular languages and offcourse in the English language, at least for couple of weeks.”
He adds the constitution will be finalized after it’s translated into the two vernacular languages.

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