July 29, 2013

Father of five not afraid

Nanise Loanakadavu
Saturday, July 27, 2013

CORPORAL Apenisa Raiqeu of Nakorosule, Naitasiri, is not afraid, although he knows that death will stare him in the face in the Golan Heights.

During the farewell parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua on Thursday night, Cpl Raiqeu hugged his five children while tears streaming down his face and asked them to remember him in their prayers.

However, his wife Maria Raiqeu was confident when she held his hands and told him that he needed to be strong and do whatever was required of him.

Cpl Raiqeu said although he had been to Lebanon, Iraq and Sinai, Thursday night's farewell was different because his children were all present to bid him goodbye.

"I am confident and I am fully aware of the situation in the Golan Heights," Cpl Raiqeu said.

"All we need are your prayers and dedications that we will return home safely."

He said since they were informed about the mission, most of them were going through the internet for information on the situation at the troubled border.

Mrs Raiqeu said faith was all that her husband needed to guide him through his trials and tribulations. However, he said the 182-member troop had indicated that they were doing well and were ready to receive them today.

Meanwhile, other families gathered around their loved ones to bid them farewell.

The troop left QEB at midnight for Nadi.

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