July 29, 2013

Deployment part of reform

Nanise Loanakadavu
Saturday, July 27, 2013

FIJI'S participation as a small nation in the Golan Heights shows the country is "doing this above our weight".

And one of the best things Fiji can market to other countries is its people, says contingent leader Major Ned Taito who led the second troop to the war zone early yesterday morning.

He said the RFMF had also included pre-deployment training for some officers which was specifically to bring them up to date with United Nations standard such as discrimination and rules of engagement as part of their preparation for the mission.

"We also have staff officers, clerk officers and seafarers as part of this deployment. Deployment is part of Fiji's commitment that is incorporated in the country's roadmap," Maj Taito said.

He said one of the 11 Pillars of government's reform was to engage with international relations and that was exactly what they were doing.

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