July 03, 2013

E-Ticket saga broadens

07:05 Today (July 3, 2013)

A third solution provider for E-ticketing is being vetted by the Land Transport Authority.

The inclusion of local company, Bula Mai Fiji could force changes in the already controversial issue.

Chief Executive Naisa Tuinaceva says, the communications company has branches around the country and the Authority is considering the application.

And with Vodafone running the back office for the entire e-ticketing system irrespective of who the Solution Provider is, the inclusion of Bula Mai Fiji may just see a change in this arrangement.

“There is a Minimum Standard Requirement we’re promoting for this competition and there’s a clause on the inter mobility of the various solutions that will be coming in and we’ll be looking into that but at this stage there’s only one back office and that is operated by Vodafone Fiji.”

The LTA is looking into the background of the communication company

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