July 17, 2013

Fiji Company to be the shipping link for MSG

07:00 Today (July 17, 2013)

There is no direct shipping link between all MSG countries in the region.

Speaking to FBC News Fiji’s High Commissioner to PNG, Romanu Tikotikoca says they have spoken with the MSG Secretariat and says hopes are high.

Tikotikoca says a Taveuni family owned business operating in Solomon Islands, Douglas Construction is taking up the opportunity.

“In the MSG block u have Fiji and PNG as the biggest manufacturers and the shipment of those goods goes from Fiji to Australia, Australia then to this part of the world, theres no direct link between MSG countries.”

Company Director Reginald Douglas says they’re planning shipping services to fill the vacuum in all MSG countries, and improve trade.

“That for SI to fly the flag of being the MSG country carriers to carry the MSG products so when we have the MSG countries its just like being a inter island shipping but on a bigger scale.”

Douglas started as a logging company in 1994 at Honiara but has now diversified into other sectors like civil construction, shipping, land transport and others.

It employs four hundred people with twenty-two expats – fourteen of them are Fijians.

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