July 03, 2013

Title disputes increase

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iTaukei chiefly title disputes continue to rise.

This was confirmed to the Fiji Sun by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of the iTaukei Affairs, Mr Savenaca Kaunisela.

Mr Kaunisela said staff of the Native Lands and Fisheries Commission (NLFC) had been visiting the troubled villages to solve the various disputes.

Mr Kaunisela said that in most cases the cause of the title dispute was the wrong information used by the claimants.

Most of these people were using information not found in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB).

In fact, Mr Kaunisela said this particular group was disputing the sworn statement s recorded in the VKB.

“No one can ever change the sworn statements recorded in the VKB.”

Mr Kaunisela said because of the many disputes, the NLFC has been using a lot of money in  travelling to these places to resolve the dispute.

For the title dispute, Mr Kaunisela once the Commission delivers its decision, it was final and could not be challenged even in the courts.

According to Mr Kaunisela the NLFC was established in 1880 primarily to register native lands; ownership of such lands; and to classify customary roles and migration records of communal units.

With most of these tasks completed, the NLFC was now concentrating most on being a custodian of the various registers.

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