July 19, 2013

Casino on track contrary to critics: Claunch

July 19, 2013 

An artist’s impression of the entrance side of the Casino.
An artist’s impression of the entrance side of the Casino.
The delayed construction of Fiji’s first casino at its new location, off Denarau Road, Nadi is now on track, its developer said yesterday.
One Hundred Sands Limited chairman Larry Claunch told Sun Business that questions were being raised on the construction proper and how soon it would start.
“The new site has had an island in the middle. The geotechnical team is working on that at the moment,” Mr Claunch said.
“We have also had to make some minor changes to the blueprint of the casino and convention centre.
“This is being done keeping in mind that we are at a new site now and some minor changes to the design is warranted,” he said.
Mr Claunch said there was more to construction than having heavy machinery present at the site.
Before construction starts
“Before the construction starts, we have hired many subcontractors. All our subcontractors are local companies and we are trying to ensure that as much as possible, we provide all these subcontracting work to local Fijian companies.
“As of now, it is very premature to announce a company which is going to be doing the proper construction.
“That too would be a local Fijian company, which can than have the expertise from overseas companies.
“A lot of work needs to be carried out for the casino, but as far as Fiji’s first casino and convention centre is concerned, it is going to be built by One Hundred Sands Limited,” he reiterated.
The Casino will be a modern masterpiece based on all the latest Casino technology from around the world,” he said.
In addition to the Casino, a state-of-the-art Convention Centre and Performing Arts centre will be built.
“The Convention Centre will seat over 1500 people and provide the largest space in Fiji for business conventions and trade shows,” he said.
“With this venue we will also be able to attract entertainers from around the world.
“Fiji is a fantastic location for companies to hold conventions which will bring in a whole new tourist market, up to now these large groups had to be turned away” Mr Claunch said.

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Con-struction Con-pany said...

con job in the making...all local contractors to do the job...just like the elections, we will be waiting 10 years for them to start. no local contractor can do the job properly...maybe local companies owned by Chinese that's what the con means.