July 19, 2013

Government to stop potato farming

17:17 Yesterday (July 18, 2013)

Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa
Potato farming has been stopped for now by the Fijian Agriculture Ministry.
Deputy Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Uraia Waibuta says an analysis showed low production and a high incidence of diseases.
Waibuta says although farmers have shown the ability and the enthusiasm to grow potatoes, there are just too many obstacles.
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We are spraying potato twice in a week and this adds to the cost of production for this particular crop so it is not just viable and the continuous rain that we have adds to the high infestation of the bacteria.
Waibuta says the last harvest of potatoes will take place this year.
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We are just trying to finish off meeting the quota that was sent from New Zealand this year. After this harvest we won’t be moving to potato production again next year.
Waibuta says the Ministry will continue to carry out research into making potato farming viable for Fijians.

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Anonymous said...

Potatoes were a ^%$#@*g stupid crop to begin with!!!! What were they thinking ? Idiots.

Why not concentrate on the vege's that are native to us in Fiji.

Thats what you get when stupid military types try to run a country. They couldnt even organise a potato curry in their own own kitchen without burning the oil!